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        uTorrent now lets you pay $5 to ditch the ads

        - uTorrent might not have the geek cred it once did,...

        Source :

        Is Costco Open on Presidents??? Day 2016?

        -The most organized of people can become confused when it...

        Source :

        Show Boat

        -Directed by Daniel Evans, this smash-hit revival of Hammerstein and...

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        • Sideways

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        These Celebs Are Giving Us Sex Inspo This Valentines Day

        - This lot are totally unfazed by getting graphic about sex

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        Mayfair District line-up revealed for BoomTown Fair

        -Mayfair District line-up revealed for BoomTown Fair - Parov Stelar,...

        Source :

        Celebs at Fashion Week: North's time to shine

        - From Justin Bieber to Anna Wintour, keep up to date...

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        University |News |School_news |Advice | More

        Anger after students shown 'white guilt' cartoon for Black History Month

        - The video contextualises historic racial disparity in the United States...

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        BMA will consider 'every form and frequency' of industrial action

        -The British Medical Association will consider “every form and frequency”...

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        ResPublica North

        - The post ResPublica North appeared first on ResPublica.

        Source :

        Does A Woman Really Reach Her Sexual Prime In Her Thirties?

        -I was out recently with a friend, and we started...

        Source :

        Today's Daily Brain Teaser (Feb 12, 2016)

        - Anagram Guru 5 The following word pairs are anagrams which...

        Source :

        What's the Best Way to Get the Odor Out of Dishcloths?

        - The not-too-pleasant smell that can settle into the cloths...

        Source :

        Fifth of GCHQ intelligence comes from hacking

        - The spy agency reveals scale of so-called equipment interference as...

        Source :

        Man remanded in custody charged with burglaries – Buckinghamshire

        -A 42-year-old man has been remanded in custody charged in...

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        I’m Not Kidding, Maddi

        - Listen folks, when a good hashtag takes hold, we can't...

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        Newquay Cornwall - Bourgas on 12 September 2014 from £329

        - 7 nights flight only departing 12 September 2014 from Newquay...

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