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  • New Year Honours for Services to Policing

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    The professionalism and service of two City of London Police officers has been recognised in the New Year Honours list. Police Constable Ian Mansfiel

  • New website launching

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    We are delighted to announce that we will be launching our new website in January, with a bold new look and enhanced navigation experience. We have in

  • Fire union disputes planned for Christmas, New Year

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    Further strikes by London Fire Brigade Union members are planned to take place on: 24 December 1900hrs – Midnight31 December 1830hrs – 0030hrs3 Ja

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  • Yodeling with Doreen Kutzke (30th Apr 15)

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    Much like dip dyes and Take That, yodeling has made a comeback! So come learn to call like an Alpine cowherd with the enigmatic Doreen Kutzke: a perfo

  • The London Hustings (21st Apr 15)

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    Event Name: The London Hustings Copy: The Evening Standard and Centre for London invite you to The London Hustings, chaired by BBC Newsnight's Kirsty

  • Aerial Hoop classes in Brixton (19th Apr 15)

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    Silks & Hoop Class for absolute beginners, In a fun, friendly atmosphere you can master basic moves, poses & sequences. This class will give you the b

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Corroborated: UK Conservative Party ruins Doctor Who

- This is a connection I never made, but according to...

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Do You Know the Difference Between an ETF

-Do you know the difference between an ETF and a...

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Review: A Most Violent Year

- Writer-Director J.C. Chandor’s A Most Violent Year is set in...

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-Titanium explodes on to the UK stage for the first...

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Nikki Bella Tells Naomi She's Ready For Her After Paige Switch For Extreme Rules

- Former Funkadactyl has forced her way into contention after taking...

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SW4 adds Paul Oakenfold, Andrew Bayer, Ilan Bluestone, Andy Moor & Lange, & more

-SW4 adds Paul Oakenfold, Andrew Bayer, Ilan Bluestone, Andy Moor...

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Right or wrong? Photo of woman breastfeeding on toilet divides parents

- A candid image of a mother breastfeeding her young child...

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Emma Stone to play Billie Jean King in Danny Boyle's Battle of the Sexes

- Actress EMMA STONE is set to portray tennis great...

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Magna Carta copy for every UK school

- Every state primary school in the UK is to be...

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Does moderate boozing reduce heart failure risk?

-"Seven alcoholic drinks a week can help to prevent heart...

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Jonathan West

- West is a research assistant at ResPublica. He graduated...

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People who have sex twice a week 'earn 4.5pc more than those who don't'

-Employees who have sex two or three times a week,...

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Today's Daily Brain Teaser (Apr 21, 2015)

- Trade-Off The answers to the two clues in each line...

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The Difference Between Biscuits and Scones, Plus 6 Healthy Recipes

- Growing up in the South, I was served biscuits...

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FOI release: FOI responses released by MOD: week commencing 20 April 2015

- Ministry of Defence (MOD) Freedom of Information (FOI) responses released...

Source :

Tribute released on behalf of the family of Kyle Byfield

-Ronnie Byfield, Alan Byfield and Laurie Peach (Mum, Dad and...

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Game of Thrones Roundtable: The House of White and Black

- *** It seems that Game of Thrones has devolved into...

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The Puffin Baby and Toddler Treasury - Various - #14.99

-The Puffin Baby and Toddler Treasury is a timeless collection...

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