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    • A Christmas Service

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      A Christmas service will be held at Coychurch Crematorium Thursday 17 December 2015 at 7pm. Led by Revd Alistair E J Swinford - Smyrna Chapel, Pen-y-

    • Festive Fundraiser

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      A range of acts coming together for a fun filled festive evening: Pupils from Cefn Cribwr Primary, Students from Bridgend College, Ieaun Jones - Conce

    • Shaping Bridgend's future

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      Have your say! Bridgend County Borough Council is forecasting budget reductions of nearly £50m by 2020. The council is determined to protect servic

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      first eight acts for Oya festival 2016

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      This three-year-old did something adorable for homeless people

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      MPs and councils in abuse inquiry

      - The Anglican and Catholic churches, three councils, and both current...

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      Executive Summary: Five things we learnt in a pivotal week for the NHS

      -HSJ’s roundup of the essential stories from a busy week...

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      The 2015 Comprehensive Spending Review

      - City Devolution ResPublica is “leading the field in devolution” according...

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      Christmas – Festive Joy or Family Conflict?

      -As the seasons change and winter arrives in the Highlands,...

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      Today's Daily Brain Teaser (Nov 27, 2015)

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      Is It OK for My Pet to Eat Leftover Bones?

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      Guidance: War Pension Scheme

      - There are a number of compensation schemes available to UK...

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      Gang Used Fake Ambulances In £1.6bn Drug Plot

      -A man has been found guilty of smuggling drugs worth...

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