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  • heady haydfh aysdfyasd;fyal;sdhfkyyfdyy

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    Bryn Poles apart from rivals Betws

  • Golfers help to save lives

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    PYLE & Kenfig Golf Club captain Barrie Edward, presented John Limbert with a defibrillator which will enable him to act rapidly in the event of a medi

  • Vale juniors reign in Spain

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    THE Vale Resort’s junior golf team took joint first place in the Junior Team Golf Home Nations Inter Club Championships in Antequera, Spain.

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  • Glamorgan Bird Club - Big Birding Day

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    Guided Birds Walks, Bird Ringing Demonstrations, Moths, Bird feeder making, children's activities, book sales, cake stall, teas & coffees. Kenfig Nati

  • Twmpath at Cynffig Comprehensive

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    Come and join us at Cynffig Comprehensive's Twmpath evening to celebrate shwmae sumae, starring Gavin and Stacey's very own 'Pluck and Squeeze' Twmpat

  • Add to your life over 50s health and wellbeing information day

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    Find out how to improve your health and wellbeing at Bridgend Communities First's health information day, including free health checks, healthy cookin

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The Quest to Put More Reality in Virtual Reality

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Can a $1000 a Pill Hepatitis C Drug

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Edward Scissorhands

-Based on the classic Tim Burton film, Matthew Bourne’s family...

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T.I. On Iggy Azalea, Snoop Dogg Beef: "I Didn't Make Snoop Do Anything"

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tickets on sale for OUT West Festival 2015

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Tributes for the late Oscar de la Renta

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Ryan Reynolds Can't Keep His Hands Off Blake Lively

-Ryan Reynolds was "really sweet" to Blake Lively at the...

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Clegg targets teachers' workload

- Teachers in England are being asked to examine how they...

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Waiting lists for some specialties up a third

-Workforce shortages have resulted in waiting lists for some NHS...

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Jonathan West

- West is a research assistant at ResPublica. He graduated...

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Why we deserve legal rights, too - warts and all

-A family judge calling for a fairer deal for unmarried...

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Today's Daily Brain Teaser (Oct 22, 2014)

- The Doctor And The Bus Driver A doctor and a...

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The Healthiest Fall Vegetables You’re Not Eating

- I love fall vegetables. I can’t think of one...

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Press release: A fleet of pickup trucks joins RFA Argus in Gibraltar

- 32 UK-funded pickup trucks to assist efforts to defeat Ebola...

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Emergency search resumes after wheelchair found on riverbank

-A SEARCH and rescue operation has resumed this morning after...

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Poor Xander from Buffy Went to Idaho and Got Arrested

- According to CNN, poor Nicholas Brendon (Xander from Buffy) got...

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365 Ladybirds - #14.99


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Maps: their untold stories

- Drawn from seven centuries of maps of places around the...

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Fury: the real-life tank veteran

-How close is the new film Fury to the true...

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