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  • Fundraising goal for club’s 125km cycle

    Source : portadowntimes.co.uk

    The starting point is Sean MacDermotts GAC and the finishing point is Sean McDermotts GAC but there’s 125 km in between.

  • Borough ‘open for business’

    Source : portadowntimes.co.uk

    Some of Craigavon’s most successful companies in the agri-food and health and life sciences sectors were at Stormont on Tuesday to brief MLAs and ot

  • MLA talk at breakfast

    Source : portadowntimes.co.uk

    Jo-anne Dobson MLA is the guest speaker at a family breakfast organised by First Portadown Boys’ Brigade on September 28.

  • WorldHost taster session

    Source : portadowntimes.co.uk

    Local retailers will have the opportunity to take a fresh look at their customer service offer by joining a unique WorldHost retail focused ‘taster

  • ‘The Farmer Wants a Wife’ at Armagh hotel

    Source : portadowntimes.co.uk

    Southern Area Hospice Services are calling on single farmers to come forward to take part in their upcoming fundraising event, ‘The Farmer Wants a W

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  • Foundation stones are
unveiled at ceremony

    Source : portadowntimes.co.uk

    Around 300 people gathered at Ballymagerney Free Presbyterian Church on Saturday as commemorative foundation stones were unveiled at the new church bu

  • Forgiveness theme at four evenings to explore film issues

    Source : portadowntimes.co.uk

    Together with churches in the Portadown area, the Irish Churches Peace Project will be holding a series of four evenings to explore the issues raised

  • Work starts on new Parish Centre

    Source : portadowntimes.co.uk

    Work began on the new Parish Centre at St Patrick’s Church, Stonebridge, with a symbolic cutting of the sod on Wednesday.

  • Orange tea dance

    Source : portadowntimes.co.uk

    The Carleton Over 50s Association tea dance on September 25 is in Carleton Street Orange Hall.

  • Tandragee parade

    Source : portadowntimes.co.uk

    Tandragee District LOL are holding a commemorative parade in the town tomorrow (Saturday).

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