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  • Don’t suffer in silence – we’re here to help

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    WE know that many people up and down the country are suffering in silence because they are too embarrassed to talk about their poo.

  • Find the facts on rules of the roads for cyclists

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    THE recent letter “Seeing the darker side of cycling” is yet again another example of people getting angry or frustrated without ascertaining a li

  • Time to move on from this old-fashioned EU

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    LIBERAL DEMOCRAT word-spinner Richard Grant (In My View, August 20) says “embrace the European Union and be part of the global experience”.

  • Net loss for Scots?

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    SHOULD Scotland decide upon independence, will users of the Internet have to stop using as part of their address?

  • Will we need passport control for Scotland?

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    WHEN Scotland get their vote to stay in or leave the UK, if the vote is to leave the UK will people travelling to Scotland have to go through customs

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